Smart Start: Creating Your Website with Top 20 WordPress Templates

If you strive for a website with high conversion, you should invest your effort daily into it: add new contents, update photo galleries, contact your clients and involve them into your life with weekly newsletters, and much more. For this, you need a modern website that would beat the competition not only in terms of design, but also in terms of its functionality.

To have a sound start Online, you should make sure that you lunch the website that is not obsolete, that incorporates all the advances of modern web-design. To get such a website, you have a couple of ways to go. Firstly, you can get a custom design for your website. This means that your website will be created from scratch for you by a highly qualified professional. As a result, you get a unique product that is tailored for your specific needs. Sounds perfect until you think of the price you need to pay. Custom designs cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and only large corporations can afford them.

Your next option is creating a free website. We love all that’s free and that’s the fact. However, this is either not a great option for a commercial website. If you use some free platform for creating a website, you end up with the site of a restricted functionality. You can’t customize it up to your needs, as you’ll face the limitations that the system imposes upon you. For instance, you won’t be able to install third-party plugins that are often essential for a modern website. Moreover, you won’t have a direct access to the website files, and what you can change in the admin panel won’t be a lot. And, of course, you end up with the labels of the free software you use on your website. Thus, creating a free website can do for personal needs, but it won’t get you a company website, the conversion of which will make your jaw drop.

The third option is the smartest way to go. With it, you spend a reasonable amount of money and can modify and manage your website yourself, even if you are not a professional webdesigner. The secret ingredient of this way of creating your website is a website template. A top-notch template gives you the base of valid well-structured code, on top of which it has the design that incorporates rich animations, Parallax effect, microinteractions, call-to-action buttons, etc. Best modern templates not only give you rich designs, but also bring you extended functionality. They come with pre-built plugins that you get free (thus, saving your money on purchasing them). Check out the full collection of TemplateMonster WordPress templates, it’s worth your time!

If you decide to venture on the journey with a website template, you may doubt, whether you’ll be able to install and customize the template yourself, without resorting to the help of a webdesigner. If you opt for one of the modern templates, there is no reason to be worried. You just need to get a template that runs on the WordPress CMS (Content Managemt System). This is the most popular CMS worldwide. Let me just briefly mention some impressive statistics. Currently, 30% of all the websites in the world run on WordPress. In CMS segment, WordPress reaches as high as 60% of all the CMS websites. It has been translated to more than 70 languages and easily powers multilingual websites with an unlimited amount of languages used. When it comes to functionality, WordPress is the CMS that has plugins of all you can imagine. There are 47000 plugins developed for it and available for use. You can check more fun WordPress statistics here. Moreover, WordPress templates are a real piece of cake in term of working with them. The simple and well-structured admin panel of WordPress comes with tooltips and hints that will guide you through the process.

Today, we want to share with you Top 20 WordPress templates for starting your online business. These templates were produced by the team of TemplateMonster, the company with many years of experience in the field and a long story of success that continues. These templates all offer rich functionality and customizable options along with simplicity of the process.

What you get with the template? It would take a lot of space, to give an exhaustive list of template features. Let me just name some of them that I find the most useful. The majority of the templates come with a Live Customizer that allows you see the changes that you make to the website life, without reloading the site. Secondly, the themes come with an inbuilt Power Page editor that allows creating unique page designs using simple drag-n-drop. With any of these templates, you can easily turn your website into an e-commerce store with the help of WooCommerce plugin. The majority of the templates come with additional pre-built plugins that allow integrating rich multimedia base to your website, as well as creating countdown timers, launching appointment booking system, displaying interactive schedules and timetables, and much more. And, of course, they boast of top-notch designs that bring you Parallax and video backgrounds, ghost buttons, animated graphs and diagrams, clear-cut grid structure, balanced amount of text and pictures, eye-friendly typography and vivid color palette.

It’s time to meet Top 20 WordPress templates of this winter. Do not forget to check out their Live Demos and Details, as they may give you valuable insights into what you can achieve with the template.

Traditional Winery Responsive WordPress Template

 Duval - Wine & Winery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

GeoExplorer – Travelling Portfolio WordPress Theme

 GeoPhoto - Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Wholesome Restaurant WooCommerce Site Design

 Greenville - Organic Food Restaurant WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Appartment Marketplace: Bellaina Real Estate Responsive WordPress Website

 Bellaina - Real Estate Responsive WordPress theme

Details | Demo

Unforgettable Art Gallely WordPress Template

 Artwork WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cherish Your Pets: Pet Shop WooCommerce Website

 Pet Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details | Demo

Harvest of the Century: Agriculture Responsive WordPress Theme

 Agriculture WP Theme

Details | Demo

No spots: Cleaning Company WordPress Template

 Cleaning Service Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Plumbing Services Company Responsive WordPress Site Design

 Plumbing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Forget about Hairloss: Hair Salon WordPress Website

 Hair Salon WordPress template

Details | Demo

Igenious Finance Management: Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

 Financial Advisor WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Presenting Your Company: Business Responsive WordPress Template

 Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Urban Responsive WordPress Theme for Business

 Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Firm Responsive WordPress Website

 Business Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Enlarge your Business: Company Responsive WordPress Theme

 Business Company WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Team of Professionals: Corporate WordPress Template

 Corporate WP Template

Details | Demo

Sharing Insights: Video Blog WordPress Website

 Video Blog WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

After Pool Party: Pool Cleaning WordPress Site Design

 Pool Cleaning WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

The purest dream: Cleaning Services WordPress Template

 Cleaning WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Catch a cab: Taxi Responsive WordPress Theme

 Taxi WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

I hope you enjoyed these Top 20 templates for starting your business with. I guess, you’re currently experiencing some kind of delight after seeing all this greatness. You’ll be no less delighted, once you purchase one of the templates and start working with it.

I can give you some kind of idea, what to do once you purchase the template. Make sure that you have place on the server for your website, and purchase a domain name for it. Then, it’s time to install the template. The process is automated, and what you need to do is to press “Install” and grab a cup of coffee. Here is the tutorial that will help you get around:

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